A birthstone is a gemstone that represents a person’s month of birth, each month and each zodiac sign is represented by a different, brightly coloured, precious gem.

June, is most commonly known as the month of the Pearl. Gemini’s, due to their Twin Zodiac can claim three birthstones for the month of June. Pearl and Alexandrite represent the two Gemini twins Castor and Pollux.
The Pearl is formed in lustrous creamy or iridescent hue of white, while the Alexandrite is extremely rare and changes colour from bold purple to green and red based on the lighting. The third gemstone is the Moonstone, an amalgamation of the two gemstones in appearance.  

The Pearl is the worlds oldest gem and the only gemstone made by living creatures, Pearls are formed when a mollusc produces calcium carbonate around irritants such as grains of sand that get lodged in their shells. Due to their organic creation, each Pearl is beautifully unique and form in a range of shapes and shades. Fresh water pearls can also appear in different shades from pink to blue to purple or rare black.

The Pearl is said to represent wealth and bring the wearer wisdom and protection while wearing, while Alexandrite represents health and brings the wearer creativity and strength to their imagination. 
The Moonstone brings the wearer healing energies and is said to be a symbol of fertility. 

The Pearl responds well to Agate, Emerald and Ruby. June babies should mix and match their stones to bring out the true range of qualities of a Gemini.  

Our Pearl Picks:

The Verona Pearl Necklace features a strand of hand-strung freshwater pearls. Bring out the inner romantic Gemini trait with the pendant which is engraved with 'L'Amore Vince Sempre' which means 'Love Conquers All' in Italian. 

Our Bettina Earrings feature large Mother of Pearl central stones, complimented alongside an array of rainbow cubic zirconia stones. Their horseshoe design is made to bring you good luck. 

Not want to go to over the top with your pearl? Our Panarea Ring features a small nestled pearl hidden in the curves of the ring. 

The Isla Anklet features two types of freshwater pearls. Freshwater baroque pearls are threaded alongside a statement, purple-toned Keshi Pearl.