The possibilities are endless when it comes to Halloween ideas, take some inspiration from our fave celebrity costumes. Plus a few movies if you want to stay in.

 Find your Halloween inspiration below...

1. Heidi Klum as a butterfly.

...Finish of the look with...


2. Rihanna as a Teenage mutant ninja turtle.

...Finish of the look with...

3. Dua Lipa as  Lydia Deetz From Beetlejuice.

...Finish of the look with...

4. Kim Kardashian West as a skeleton. 

...Finish of the look with...

4. Jade Thirwall as X-Men character Mystique.

...Finish of the look with...

For those that want to stay in try these movies:

1. Looking to relive that childhood fear of clowns, IT is the movie to watch.

2. Classic horror The Shining is what you are looking for to keep you awake in to the morning of November 1st.

3. The 90's supernatural The Craft is a great option for those who don't want to  scare themselves but still want to get into the Halloween spirit. 
For the treats on the table
The perfect Halloween snack try this pumpkin Hummus get the recipe here. Try The Devils margarita get the recipe here.


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