Posted on April 14 2015

Our guest interview today is with Carl Fisher, who talks about how in got into photography, his latest projects and shows us a few images he took for us...


Images with Alona jewellery by Carl - see more HERE (Make up by Anna Wild, hair by Joe Pickering)

1. So you're a photographer and a hair dresser. How do you split your time between the two and how did you get into the industry? 
I started in the hairdressing industry eleven years ago, it was only supposed to be a gap job before I started at Bournemouth university to study digital imaging photography. But I fell in love with the salon life and how creative hairdressing was. Photography was always a massive passion of mine and I still arranged photo shoots in major hairdressing competitions. For the last three years I've been completely freelance in hair and I've recently set up my own photography studio in Stratford. This really keeps my life fun and exciting as I can plan my weeks with a mixture of both.

2.  You have worked with Harper's Bazaar, US Runway and most recently Jungle Aid. Can you tell us more about that?

I love the fashion industry so I was really pleased when I was asked to work with Harper's Bazaar and US Runway. I have worked with Harper's Brazil before but not the UK mag. The Hair brief was very unique and required some preparation but over the two-day shoot I can say we created some beautiful looks based on a more avant garde theme. After working in a high paced industry for so long I really wanted to give something back. So I packed my camera and headed for Thailand in January (2015) I didn't have a plan I just knew I wanted to use my creative skills and dedicate some of my time to people in need. Whilst being there I came across a charity called Jungle Aid, after a good few emails with one of the founders I was asked to come along as the official photographer for the trip. My experience was unbelievable and made me realise how delicate life is. I’m now going to create an exhibition in London displaying the images I took for Jungle Aid to raise awareness and money for the charity. I can truly say Jungle Aid is going to be a big part of my life now and I can’t wait for next January.

3. What Up coming projects have you got planned and your future goals?

At the moment I’m focusing on my collection called ONE OF TWELVE, it’s the bigger picture of giving something back. I’m going to be dedicating one month of every year for three years. From every year I will gather a series of photos then a select ten will become a collection of original paintings sold to raise money for a charity mainly helping children. I’ve already finished two painting on canvas I will be mainly in my studio for the next few months trying to finish before July. I would love to own my own charity and gallery space combined to continuously help orphan children around the world. I feel that i've been blessed with my parents and family around me I couldn’t do what I do without their support and love. Its just something I have to do I feel very strongly about helping others in need.


 4. who inspires your work?

Over the years i've had many different people that have inspired me, first was Salvador Dali back in my art college days he made me realise anything is possible with a creative mind and a paint brush.  Vidal Sassoon has to be up there as well, a true revolution in hair design but also an amazing person I recommend Vidal Sassoon the movie to anyone. But I would have to say David Lachapelle has always been a strong contender for my main inspirations, the man is a genus with his surrealist photography and art history references, and he has taken the photographic art to another level.

(Image by David Lachapelle)

 5. Who would you like to work with in the future?

I would love to work with Kate Moss in the near future she has been an icon for many years I’ve painted her from magazines more than once but I would love to photograph her. She’s Never scared to do something different and always adapts to whatever the brief.

6. What is your favourite piece from our collection and why? 

My favourite piece from your collection has to be the Kimora Ring, it takes a lot to catch my eye with rings but that ones a winner. To be honest I love loads of the collection and it was a pleasure shooting such beautiful jewellery.


 You can keep up to date with Carl's work by following him on facebook and Instagram @dontfollow_carl

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