Posted on December 26 2014

Here at Alona we believe in embracing our spirituality. After #thingstoleavebehindin2014 started trending last week we have been inspired to think about things that we will be leaving behind in 2014 to get 2015 starting with a bang. Here are our top 5. 

FAKE FRIENDS: There is nothing more toxic than fake friends if all they do is suck your positive energy out of you, who use you and never leave you feeling good about yourself. You need to question the type of friendship you are in. Get rid of these friendships that don’t work - even on social media. Make time for those who truly love you and reap the rewards!



POINTLESS JOBS: Review where you are going with your life and what you want to do and strive for that goal. Leave that pointless, dead end job and do something that makes you jump up out of bed in the morning. Get out of your comfort zone Say yes more, take chances! You get out of life when you put in and you wont get that dream job by sitting inside the same 4 walls.


BEING STUCK TO YOUR SCREEN: You know the feeling when you just come back from holiday and you feel relaxed and fresh? Yeah, it probably helps that you wasn't stuck to your computer or phone 24/7. Nothing is more therapeutic then being away from technology and being outside. Even if it's for half an hour during your lunch break, just give yourself a break. 



BAD HEALTH: You know that saying 'you are what you eat' ? No it doesn't mean you are sweet for eating sweets! If you eat crap, you're going to feel crap, so start the new year off by making those small changes to your diet, join your local gym and ACTUALLY GO, join a Pilates, yoga or boxing class OR make a regular habit or going for a run with a friend. Then you have an excuse to buy new running trainers like these 


LACK OF ADVENTURE: So you've always wanted to live in New York? But your current job, responsibilities or life ties you down? There are ALWAYS opportunities to start a new journey, sometimes we are just scared to make such a bold, scary move and there is a whole world out to discover. Explore your options and just do what your heart tells you.



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What are you going to do differently next year?


Happy new year!







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