December 11, 2014

We have come up with a quick and fun guide to help you pick the perfect gift for yourself, or someone you love, like or lust! Follow our flow chart and click through the item from the list at the bottom... et voila! Sorted! 

Click on your item number below:

1. Alana Earrings - Gold with Green Aventurine

2. Kiss Me Lips Necklace - Fine Jewellery

3. Arabella Earrings - Silver 

4. Gabrielle Necklace - Antique Silver 

5. Megan Ring - Gold

6. Hamsa Necklace - Silver 

7. Kimora Ring - Rose Gold

8. Jamie Bracelet - Silver with Linen Black Stripe

9. Joelle Bracelet - Gold

10. Athenais Necklace - Silver

11. Stella Ring - Sterling Silver

12. Hamsa Ring - Gunmetal