May 02, 2014



What the jewellery means....

Its no doubt Alona has made spiritual a must have trend, with edgy jewellery designs that heavily reference significant spiritual symbols. The popular 'Karma Coin' design which incorporates the 'Evil Eye' and 'Hamsa Hand' emblem, have become the brands signature design. The core meaning behind the brand is about creating unique, rock 'n' roll pieces that have a contemporary look but, have meaning behind them. Fusing these two aspects together gives each piece a spiritual vibe and a unique meaning which stems from the brands concept. 


The evil eye is historically found and present in Turkish, Egyptian, Greek, Roman and Middle Eastern cultures. Within these cultures the evil eye is thought to be a symbol of luck; the evil eye is believed to protect one from bad luck and evil forces. Therefore it is popular tradition to wear the evil eye in the form of jewellery to protect the wearer at all times. The Evil eye is thought to have the power to absorb bad energy and vibes from someone who is believed to have bad intentions towards the wearer of the evil eye - see ya later haters!


The Hamsa hand is a hand with five fingers strongly connected together to signify the no tolerance of evil.It is strongly believed that the Hamsa hand amulet is the hand of God, a representation of holiness. The amulet is thought to block evil forces and gravitate good and positive forces towards the bearer.

Our Hamsa hand earrings (pictured below) features both the Hamsa and evil eye designs to offer you double protection from evil, with this detailed engraving.




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