Posted on January 10 2017

1. 10 min mediation

Take 10 mins of your day to meditate daily meditation can relieve stress and can bring many benefits to the mind and body.

2. Make time for breakfast

It's easy to skip breakfast in the morning, you're in a rush and breakfast is the last thing on your mind. Set aside 10 minutes to your morning routine to start the day right.

3. Try a new workout class- Barre

Ballet inspired workout classes which incorporate moves from Pilates and yoga to upbeat music. These workout classes target abs thighs and glutes.

4. Be More Active 

Get outside walk to the shop instead of drive, walk home instead of getting on the bus try to be as active in you day to day life outside of the gym and exercise classes. 


5. Keep Hydrated 

Fruit is an excellent source of water; try adding watermelon, oranges and grapefruit to your daily diet.

If you don't like the taste of plain water adding some lemon or grabbing a glass of sparkling water.

6. Get Creative

Draw a doodle everyday, set aside 30 mins a day to write a book or cook something new every week. There's no concrete definition of creativity so just focus on coming up with new ideas and having fun with it.

7.  Find Your Personal Style  

Clean up & clean out get rid of some of those items you have that you don't actually want, replace these pieces with items that you love seek some inspiration from your style icons, Pinterest or Instagram.


9. Go your own way

Take that trip you have always wanted to, start the Spanish lessons you said you would 3 years ago. Maybe it's just as simple as telling people no more often, take that step forward to make decisions that make you happy.

8. Read more

Take time this year to enrich the mind read a book; fiction, non-fiction even a biography or if you even just learn a new word a day. Keep you mind ticking my enriching it with something as simple as words. 


10. Teach yourself how to make your favourite cocktail

Become an expert at making your favourite cocktail or even create a new version with it by adding or taking away different ingredients. 



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